Do not forget this one thing for your shoot! | Boudoir Photography


There is really only one thing above all others that you absolutely must have to ensure your boudoir photo shoot is a success.  

With this one thing, you will look and feel your best.

It isn’t something you can buy. It’s not a special piece of lingerie or makeup.

And unfortunately, I can’t even tell you where to find it.

But it looks good on everyone no matter your age, your size, your height, your shape or your hair color.

It is also powerful!  It draws others to you and inspires admiration.

This one crucial, always flattering, magnetic thing?


Yep, that’s it.  Walk in to your photo shoot with head to toe self-assurance and appreciation for your abilities and qualities and you have everything you need to nail the shoot.  

When you feel confident, you are presenting your most authentic and uninhibited self.  You are blocking negative thoughts. You are unguarded and relaxed. Your smile is sincere.  Your glances are soft. Your laughter is real. You stand a little taller and stronger. It is intimate and personal. And dripping with sexy!

Confidence is what we’ll captured in each photo we create.

And when you experience the power and exuberance that comes with confidence, you will be hooked.  You’ll want to feel it and display it in every part of your life. And, lucky you, you’ll have your photos to remind you.  

Tapping into your confidence is ultimately what makes the boudoir photo shoot experience so meaningful and special.  And it fits everyone perfectly! So DO NOT forget to bring it all its fierceness to your photo shoot!

Before every boudoir photo shoot, Chrissy leads you through a pre-shoot consultation to prepare for the experience. After discussing logistics like wardrobe and process, you’ll dive into deeper matters such as motivation, fears and doubt, hopes and dreams. All to ensure your photo shoot is meaningful and empowering. Each step in the process is aimed at helping you realize your best self so that at the photo shoot you can celebrate her and treasure the resulting photos.