Lingerie Tips In Time For Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s day! A day full of love and romance.

Here is my little gift to you…lingerie tips just in time for Valentine’s day (but also great for any ole time).

I’ve been studying lingerie (yes, you can become an expert on lace slips and bodysuits!)... and I’ve found some really interesting tips to share with you.

It’s true: many women stop buying lingerie (and wearing it) because of how they feel about their bodies.

But it turns out that buying and wearing lingerie is a treat for YOU almost as much as for your partner.

And there are loads of gorgeous options out there…

From hot reds and black lace to soft whites and florals.

But first, where should you buy lingerie?

A few of my favorite sources include:

Allure (Mequon)


Pure Romance, my contact is Jessica Banach

Now, secondly—and perhaps biggest of all—what should you buy?

My best advice is not to look for a new item to fix a problem area.

That normally requires shapewear… and if you’ve ever worn those items, most are not the sexiest to put on, take off or show off in.

Instead, look for items that feel good against your skin, fit well and bare you and your partner’s favorite features (your legs? your cleavage?).

Whenever I work with a new client for boudoir photos, I ask what her favorite feature and body parts are.  

I get answers all across the board.

Sometimes it’s hair, smile, eyes, arms, butt, legs, breasts…. The list goes on and on.

Then I ask what her partner’s favorite feature is. Similar things come up but usually vary from what she loves about herself.

I ask these things to assess what we need to focus on in her signature boudoir experience.  

But you can ask yourself those same questions to make decisions about lingerie purchases and getting ready.  

If your hair 👩 is your favorite, spend extra time doing it that evening.

If it’s your smile 👄… put on lipstick and play it up.

If he loves your butt: make sure to wear heels 👠 to lift and accentuate your tush.

See what I mean?

So, let’s imagine the scene unraveling:

You’re feeling your sexiest… you’ve got your favorite feature looking its best…

And his favorite part screaming out to him.

But then you strip down to your lingerie and you drift right back into your head.

I know… I’ve been there too.  

Here are some suggestions for distracting away from your problem areas

(or what you think are your problem areas).

Chrissy Rose Photography -_0179.jpg


Try a lace bodysuit (make sure there are snaps at the bottom).

Opt for a sheer, flowy nighty—a flesh-tone color adds to the sexiness.

Chrissy Rose Photography -_0182.jpg


Choose a crop top or bodysuit with sheer or mesh long sleeves.

Add a lace or satin robe to your ensemble—or better yet: slip on one of his work shirts 👔 to tease him a little.

Chrissy Rose Photography -_0180.jpg

Lower half

Wear a satin or lace teddy with a length you’re comfortable with.

Throw on a pair of heels! 👠 Yes, high heels elongate the legs—and lift and shape your tush. 🍑

Consider a lace or satin robe to help hide these areas with sexy, luxurious fabric.

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