Boudoir Photos are BETTER after 40!

Friends, I am turning 40 this year! I am excited about it. You’ll probably be hearing more about it as my birthday approaches (hint, it is November 20). I am still dreaming up how I will celebrate.

One thing I am definitely going to do is hire a photographer to take updated boudoir photos of me. It has been a few years since my last session and it is time to bare all once again. Plus I think it is the perfect birthday gift to give yourself. My previous boudoir photo shoots were for my husband, but this one will be just for me.

Now at the end of my 30s, I am so much more comfortable with my style, body, and confidence. And I am excited to rock that in a new photo shoot.

It was the same for this gorgeous woman, Kyra. She is a single mom. She is an entrepreneur. She is a gorgeous woman with kind eyes and amazing cheek bones. Several years of going through a hard divorce has made her confidence waiver. And it is no wonder! Kyra is constantly thinking of other people — mostly her kids. She hardly has time for herself.

Until she walked into my studio!

In front of my lens she was front and center. And after some warming up, her true self came out. Slowly, Kyra let herself tune out all the real world noise that weighs her down. Slowly, she started to open up and let herself enjoy the moment. And soon enough, Kyra was rocking her session and it was HOT!!! She made being over 40 look AMAZING!!!!

She showed me that age is nothing but a number. Whether you are 23, 43 or 83 a boudoir photo shoot is empowering and invigorating. Oh yea and SO. MUCH. FUN!

Chrissy Rose Photography -_0200.jpg
Chrissy Rose Photography -_0199.jpg
Chrissy Rose Photography -_0201.jpg
Chrissy Rose Photography -_0202.jpg
Chrissy Rose Photography -_0198.jpg
Hair and Makeup by Samantha Kalkopf Artistry

Hair and Makeup by Samantha Kalkopf Artistry

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