Chrissy Rose for boudoir photography and business photography for women

It is official!  Chrissy Rose Photography is a boudoir and personal branding photographer - exclusively!

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I know, I know… I rebranded and made the change more than 9 months ago so you may have already noticed and you’re probably thinking “why is she telling us this now”.  Well, I never announced it publicly. I didn’t follow one of my own principles of personal branding -- advice I pass on to all my business photography clients.

It was a monumental switch!  I established Chrissy Rose Photography in 2010 as a photographer of families and children.  Then I eased into photographing weddings and by 2017, wedding photography was almost 80% of my business.  

I loved working with wedding clients for a long time. But you can probably imagine that being a wedding photographer is hard!  It requires an extreme level of detail, care and post production. It is a very demanding genre. And after 8 wedding seasons, I burned out.

On the other hand, I was fiercely drawn to photographing women in the boudoir style and I also love working with fellow female entrepreneurs.  So while I was being drained by one genre, I was being inspired and motivated by the other.

After my 2017 wedding season, I decided to stop the madness by declining anymore wedding contracts and start my business over, but this time working toward these more niche genres of photography that I was authentically passionate about.

After my final wedding!

After my final wedding!

The above photo was taken of me after my final wedding.

At first it was scary and overwhelming -- I mean, I was literally turning my business upside down.

Now, 9 months into the rebrand and I am happier than I ever have been in my business and I excited about what’s to come.

Here is what else I noticed since making the change:

My stress level diminished significantly.

I found tremendous clarity.

I sleep better.

I connect with my clients on a whole new level.

I network more confidently.

I am eager to explore new creative opportunities to support my business.

I enjoy spending my Saturdays with my family and friends.

I feel more whole as a person and as a business.  

I finally feel like I am leveling up as a photographer and as a business owner.

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So what is in store for Chrissy Rose Photography?

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  • Mini session events offered in exciting destinations - look for an announcement soon!

  • Personal Branding content to help you with your business needs photos and beyond.  

  • And so much more!