The Power of Personal Branding

Female entrepreneurship is on the rise! Let us all rejoice in that statement for a moment. YASS!!!

Wisconsin is the 9th top location in the country for female entrepreneurs and the Milwaukee region ranks 5th out of 100 metro areas, best places for women-owned businesses. I love hearing that my state and city are a hub for women just like me to start up something special.

Ok, but also, those kind of stats mean hella competition for women like me!

How do you stand out?  Well that, dear friends, is exactly where personal branding comes in.

Personal branding is articulating the combination of qualities that make you your best.

It’s a natural identity that helps to build a relationship with your audience.

Both online📱and offline 🙋.

Chrissy Branding by Jen Sexton Photography00017.jpg

Here’s why that’s important:

A Neilson Consumer Survey revealed that 33 percent of buyers trust messages from a brand…

… while 90 percent trust a message from an individual they know.

Yes, it comes down to TRUST.

The power of personal branding is becoming the person your audience trusts because they feel like they know you.  

And when they trust you….

They will buy from you. 💰

They will hire you. 👭

They will recommend you. 👍

They will listen to you. 👂

So, where to begin?

To help my personal branding clients, I work with them to clearly define their personal brand.

A personal brand is not just a headshot and product photos. It’s much more than that.

That’s why I offer personal brand mapping (that we’ll use when we create your photos).

Here are the four main components to consider when mapping your personal brand

  • Clarity: Get clear about your mission, design, and style 💃

  • Value: Recognize the experience you create — what you deliver 📦 and how

  • Story: Illustrate ✒ who you are and build emotional appeal

  • Distribution: Tailor your message, create images 📷, enhance social media platforms

Your personal brand must be genuine, real, and true to you.

… And you ABSOLUTELY need dynamic photography across your platforms to offer a face and an energy to your personal brand.  

Your audience needs to see your eyes, sense your energy, and basically… decide if you seem trustworthy.

Chrissy Rose Photography -_0208.jpg

Adding photos of you or your team is essential.

And each aspect of your photo needs to be “on-brand” — including the colors, wardrobe, props, and location.  

Now imagine for a moment…

How would you feel if all your platforms and tools were up-to-date and working for you?

You would feel CONFIDENT. 👊

You would not only hand out business cards, but encourage people to look 🔍 you up.  

Want to start on a journey of confidence in yourself and your brand? I’m here to help.

To work with me on crafting your personal brand, shoot me a quick email 💌 or schedule a personal branding session.