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You may have already figured this out, but it is worth saying anyway: I am huge advocate for existing in photos. And here is why….

First, a tough question for you to think about:

If you died tomorrow, your family would look for photographs of you. What are they going to find?

I recently read that question in an article and whoa, did it hit home!  It also helped articulate exactly why I think existing in photos is so important.

It’s so true, friend! It’s exactly what happens when someone we love passes. We look for them in all that remains of them.  My family did this over the years when our loved ones passed, including when my grandfpa, Mario Kruger died two years ago.

Photographs remain. And they tell your story. As we looked through the photos of my grandpa, we tried to piece together his story. From the incredible photos that he held dear of his family back in Switzerland: his mother and father on their wedding day, his brother who was taken much too soon as a young man, him in uniform during his Swiss military training, him in his college apartment, him with my grandmother on their first date (yes they actually have photos of that!), their wedding day, their children, their homes, their travels, their grandchildren. All the most important moments in his life were captured and preserved because of the photographs he kept. Some were in albums, but his most cherished ones were kept in a small box stored it in his work bench in the garage. He liked to take them out when we visited and tell us his story. He did that a lot…mostly the same stories over and over, but his pride in those moments and aspects of his life never faded even with what felt like the one-thousandth telling.

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How fortunate we were to have those photographs when he passed on. They were NOT trapped on a cell phone or password protected “in the cloud”. They were safely but accessibly tucked away in his work bench or neatly placed in albums on his living room shelf. We had looked at them together all my life so it seems fitting that we were once again looking at them as a family during the reception of his funeral. My cousins, siblings and I, all sitting on the floor like kids flipping through the pages like it was the first time we’d seen them.

Those photos are keeping my handsome grandpa alive in our hearts and our memories.

Photographs tell your story. The story of your beautiful, abundant, adventurous life. The life that will be cherished, celebrated and remembered by the ones who love you most.

Now let me ask you: What stories are your photographs telling?  What will your children and grandchildren see and remember when they look through your life?

Existing in photos is about more than selfies and snap shots on your phone. Existing in photos is being present in special, fleeting moments and freezing that moment eternally. It is about having beautiful portraits made of yourself at different stages of your life. And then having and sharing those photos in accessible, dynamic formats to enjoy.

So, yea…I will encourage everyone to exist in their photos around their home, in their children’s view, at their grandchildren’s finger tips. So much so, that I have built a meaningful business around it. That is why I offer signature photography opportunities for women. That is why I offer more than just digital negatives from my portrait sessions. I offer prints, artistic renderings of photos and of course custom designed albums. It is my way of encouraging the world to exist in their photos. It is my way of empowering the women I work with to exist in their life. To see for herself her true essence. To be comfortable and secure in herself at various stages of her life. And then finally for when she passes on from this earth, she will leave behind the gift of her story to her family. Just like my grandpa did for us.

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