Maid of Honor's Guide to Planning the Best Milwaukee Bachelorette Party

Hey MOH!  Is it time to plan the bachelorette party? Want to make it legendary for your bestie before her big day? 

I have an idea for you.

Coming from someone who has stood in 9 weddings (not including my own) and served as maid of honor in three of those weddings, I know the struggles of planning the perfect celebration.   That’s why I put together this guide — to help you plan a seamless bachelorette party that will be talked about for years to come.  This itinerary makes for the perfect weekend for the bride-to-be. Feel free to copy the itinerary — or tweak it based on the bride’s style.  Most importantly, you’ll know how to integrate a group boudoir experience into the bachelorette party. Instead of just going to the bars (which this itinerary has plenty of!), the experience will also include something you and your girls will remember forever.


The Girlfriends' Guide to the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Friday night 


  • Book a room (or several) downtown. 

  • I recommend the Kimpton Journeyman in the Third Ward
  • Give a flexible arrival time for girls traveling in from out of town or after the workday.
  • Kick off the weekend with an amazing dinner at Blue Bat Tangeria in the Third Ward.  Delicious apps, tacos and tequila flights… need I say more?  

  • This kickoff dinner gets everyone talking, enjoying time together and celebrating the bride.
Continue the Night
  • At the Kimpton rooftop bar

  • Even if you’re not staying at the Kimpton, the atmosphere is perfect for you and your girls!

  • Make it a relatively early night back to the hotel
  • At Sweet Diner (Milwaukee’s top brunch destination) in the Third Ward 
Group Yoga Class 
  • At Yama Yoga 

  • Or work those glutes at Barre Code

  • Being active gives everyone a chance to feel healthy and energized
Back to the Hotel 
  • For showers and packing up some sexy essentials

Bachelorette Boudoir Party At Chrissy Rose Photography — this is the MAIN event!  

  • The bride and all her girls will be treated to a complete makeover and a sexy photo shoot.  

  • It will be an empowering experience to celebrate all the best parts of being a woman!

  • We’ll move through the group with individual sexy portraits and group photos to commemorate the amazing weekend. 
  • We’ll spend a little extra time photographing the bride so she can use the gorgeous individual photos as a gift for her partner.  
  • The bride will have the option to purchase an album, digitals and prints for her betrothed and take one more thing off of her wedding planning to-do list.  
  • For the bride and her ladies, it will be a full day of sipping champagne, glamming it up for the camera and so many laughs.
  • If anyone in the group isn’t sure about participating, they can join in the fun by attending. My guess is that once they have a little champagne and their makeup done, they’ll want to jump in front of the camera too. 
A boudoir photo shoot…
  • Allows you to be pampered for a day like a celebrity

  • Makes everyone feel empowered and beautiful in their own skin

  • Creates a bonding experience like none other (perfect for a bridal party or close group of friends) 

  • Brings out fun and sexy conversation

  • Gets everyone laughing

  • Gives you an intimate experience that will be cherished forever

  • Offers the option to take home photos of yourself that you absolutely adore

  • Provides a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone attending


Back to the Hotel 

  • Get dressed for a night on the town

  • Talk about your photo shoot experience

  • The best part is that your hair and makeup are already done! Just slip into something hot and throw on some amazing heels and everyone is ready to go!  
Pro tip: I highly recommend surprising the bride with bachelorette wear — a party veil, tutu, funny t-shirt. You can find amazing ideas on Pinterest! 

Late Dinner

  • Make a reservation at Birch and Butcher on Water Street 

  • Hit the Many Watering Holes on Water  A little bar crawl is just what this group needs !
  • End the night responsibly with an Uber ride back to the hotel

Sunday Walk to Brunch
  • At Café Benelux
 Start with some of the best Bloody Mary’s and breakfast beer

Photo Reveal Time with Chrissy Rose Photography
  • Yes, you get to see your photos the very next day! 

End the Weekend 
  • With a toast to the bride and the amazing wedding day to come!

Was I right? Doesn’t this sound perfect? I’d love to help you plan the details for your weekend — designed especially for the bride-to-be. Shoot me an email below and we’ll get started!
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