Sienna's Fierce Boudoir Photos

One of my favorite women to work with stop in for a boudoir photo shoot on her recent trip to Milwaukee.

We took photos in several different settings including this gorgeous living room set.  Her black blazer served as a fun prop to showcase the lacey ASOS lingerie underneath.  

This is exactly why I suggest to my clients that she bring things like blazers, jean jackets, leather jackets and cozy sweaters along with sexy bras and panties, nighties and bodysuits. 

Would you believe that so many of the ladies I coach with this wardrobe advice, don't end up bringing these items because it's difficult for them to visualize how they would work in an empowering photo shoot with me. 

Here is how it works!  We use it as a prop.  Something to yank down, wrap haphazardly or peak out of.  And sometimes having a piece that like that makes the shoot extra fun!  I cannot tell you how many of my clients start playfully dancing around as they shed that outter layer -- and that, girlfriend, is when I capture the most amazingly authentic smiles and glances.   It all works for you in the photo shoot and can help loosen you up. 

Let Sienna show you how it's done.

If you are ready to shed your outter layer for a fun, empowering and fierce experience, get in touch below and let's get this party started!
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