Is a mini session for you?


Did you know that I offer mini boudoir photography sessions 4 times a year? I like to call them "quickies" or snack-size experiences.  

Why do I offer these mini versions of my full boudoir photography session?

Because I want to work with and empower as many females as I possibly can!  


Because I know the power of treating yourself to this amazing experience.  I know how incredibly proud of yourself you will be. I know how much higher you will hold your head after the session.  I know how much more faith in yourself you will have.  I know this because that is exactly the transformation I felt when I had a boudoir photo shoot.

And some ladies need just an empowering snack versus the full four course meal that is a signature boudoir photo shoot.  

A mini session is a good option if

  • a full signature boudoir photo shoot with Chrissy is out of your price range.
  • you are working on overcoming your fear in front of the camera
  • you want to document your personal transformation... mini session now -- another in 6 months for example.  
  • you need a quick shoot for a specific gift or occasion
  • you want to schedule back to back sessions with a friend

Are you a good candidate for a mini session?

Have you always wanted to have the experience, but you are little intimidated by the idea of  unlimited time focused all on you?

Are you curious about what this whole experience is about and want to try it on before buying into the whole thing?

Are you a little sticker shocked by the full experience price tag of $499, but know you can swing a mini session rate of $195?

Do you have a unique vision for a photo shoot and just need time to give that vision a whirl?

Do you and a friend want to have a cool experience together cheering each other on and clicking your glasses of bubbly in between shots?


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