Sabrina Collins | Milwaukee empowerment photographer

March is a special month. Along with it being Women's History Month, today is International Women's Day. What does International Women's Day mean to me? It means that while there is a special day to celebrate women, to me, it should be (and is) International Women's Day every day. It also means that my mission to empower all women is more important than ever! Because it is a special day, I thought it would only be fitting to speak on one of these empowerment sessions!

Gorgeous. Smart. Talented. Hardworking. Strong. Dynamic. Sexy. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of my dear friend (and amazing life coach!) Sabrina Collins.

Sabrina felt like a natural through and through while I was snapping her photo. Some women take a while to warm up to the camera, to being the object of my lens and the star of the entire room, but Sabrina wholeheartedly embraced the day and her inner female power the instant she walked through my studio doors.

You can view all of her beautiful photos below, and consider celebrating you this month with your own empowerment photo session!