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Class of 2014 Milwaukee Senior Pictures | Riley & Izzi

With the class of 2014 almost into their senior year, it is time to think about senior photos!  I had the WORST senior photos taken of me...but then again, I had them taken at Sears. Yes. Sears!?!?!  It was the late 1990s.  I was way too tan, my hair was way too bleached and I actually resemble a flight attendant with what I am wearing.  But aside from the orange skin, questionable hair and terrible outfit, the worst part is that the photos didn't even come close to capturing who I was at that important time of my life.  Luckily, photography is much more artistic and accessible these days.  Senior photos are dynamic and creative and actually strive to show off personality.  I just love taking senior photos.  The shoots are fun, inspired and absolutely beautiful!  The seniors are confident, cool and usually stunning!

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