Milwaukee Senior Photos | Karley

Before the college applications are mailed.Before the cap and gown fitting. Before your last high-school dance. Before flipping your tassel. Before getting that affirming piece of paper. Before saying good-bye.

...before all that, there is the summer before senior year. Unlike any other summer this one is filled with excitement, fun and anticipation for an incredible final year of high school.  And it is also the time when seniors pull out all the stops in their photos.  Karley is one of those exceptional girls that is sure to have an amazing senior year and beyond.  Riding horses is her I was thrilled when she suggested doing her senior photos at the farm where she boards her four (very strong)-legged baby.  As storms gathered in the distance and rain fell here and there, we sought out well lit spaces to capture some amazing photos.  Striker was not as thrilled with the inclement conditions and didn't want to cooperate for too long despite the many candy corn we use to persuade him.  Karley's boyfriend, Austin also popped into a few shots but luckily we didn't have to do too much bribing for him to cooperate.  And WOW, were those too just a steamy couple! I just love the shots of them together.

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