What is a boudoir photo shoot?

Boudoir photo shoots are fully customized photo shoots featuring the woman in an intimate way. This is more than just a photo shoot. This is an experience that celebrates your beauty, your sexy, and most importantly your true self. These photos are ultimately going to be the reminder of your banging body 20/40/60 years from now. Your personal photo shoot is designed especially for you.

Do I have to be nude?

This is completely your decision. I recommend bringing lingerie and sexy outfits to start with. You don’t have to be nude to be sexy and romantic. My approach to nudes is very artistic and beautiful. But the decision to bare all is your choice. You can rely on my expert coaching during the shoot to achieve beautifully sexy photos no matter what you are wearing or not wearing.

Why should I have a boudoir photo shoot?

Do it to feel sexy, confident and beautiful. Do it to see yourself from a whole new side. Do it to impress your lover with your sexy confidence. Do it to make yourself proud. Do it to celebrate a milestone. Do it so that your future self can remember how amazing you are. Do it to overcome a fear. Do it to give yourself some love and care. Do it for fun. Do it for feminism. Do it for a good story to tell your daughters when they are older. Do it for YOU!

Booking your photo shoot is pretty easy. First thing is to contact me via my contact form or email me directly at chrissy@chrissyrosephotography.com. You can call me too: 414-216-3602. The hardest part is always finding a date. You can lock in your idea appointment time on the phone with me. Your photo shoot is booked with a nonrefundable retainer fee and signed photo shoot agreement — both of which is handled electronically. From there we start the planning process. We will schedule a more extensive consultation call where we will talk about inspiration, wardrobe, etc. During that process we also get to know each other better so by the time your shoot date rolls around, you are completely comfortable. We will both start contributing to a secret Pinterest board which I will set up for you to pin inspirations along the way. This gives me a better idea of your aesthetic preferences and the overall mood you are hoping to achieve. I will also be coaching you on wardrobe so you can start setting aside or purchasing your wardrobe pieces. As we near your shoot date, you will receive studio arrival instructions, confirmations, etc. Also, I am always available by phone or email to answer any new questions you might have. I hold your hand through the entire process.


On the day of your shoot we will laugh and have a blast. You will be treated to a full makeover while sipping some bubbly and enjoying your favorite tunes. You are going to walk in nervous, but we quickly set you at ease. We will have already done some work before the shoot so you will have all your favorite wardrobe items ready to go. The shoot is very private and discreet. Throughout the entire process, I coach you in a way that inspires you to reclaim and appreciate your body, confidence and magnetism.

What is a typical boudoir shoot like?

You will LOVE your photos now. You will look at them and be so proud of yourself. You will see the sexy, beautiful and romantic side of yourself. So the first thing you will do with them is gaze at them for hours and wonder why you ever gave a second thought to having these photos taken. 
You will CHERISH the photos for years to come. How many times have your looked back at photos of yourself from 20 years ago and thought of how happy and beautiful you were. Well, these photos will show you 20 years from NOW how happy, sexy and beautiful you are!
 You will SHARE the photos with your lover. You will blow his mind with your boldness and beauty. He will be so impressed by your confidence. He will never be able to see you in any other way. 
We help you package the photos in a beautiful, treasured way so you can do all of these things and more with your photos. From albums and enlargements to customized wall art, you will be able to love on your photos for forever.

What would I do with the photos?

Should I wait until I reach my goal weight?

This is an excuse many women make to avoid seeing themselves as they are right now. We all have a “goal weight” (I am with you, sister) and we all rarely reach that goal on the scale (with you here too!). However, as a professional photographer, I know how to shave 10 pounds off you just by changing the camera angle and lighting. I am not kidding! You just have to own it. Own who you are in the moment. Own your curves. Own your little flaws. Own your body right now. You are enough right now and you are beautiful right now.

When do I see my photos?

Within a couple days of your shoot, you will have an opportunity to see your professionally retouched photos and stand in awe of your fierceness. I promise you, it is a feeling you won’t want to end. And it doesn’t have to. You choose what to purchase and take home forever. Only buy what you love! And when that package arrives on your doorstep, oh girl…there is nothing like that feeling!

What kind of women have these photo shoots done?

I get asked this a lot actually and it surprises me every time. The kind of women that books these shoots are women just like you and me. I have been on the other side of the camera for two of these shoots in my life and I plan to do another one in celebration of my 40th birthday in 2019. So, I am the kind of woman. The women I have worked with have a variety of stories from surviving cancer to turning 60. From about to get married to finalizing a divorce. Every story shared with me is unique and special. I feel so honored to hear these stories and share in the moment with them. The experience is very authentic and meaningful. There is no one “kind of woman” that has these photo shoots done, because these shoots are for every woman who wants to connect with herself and own her life. You are the kind of woman too.

Signature Boudoir Photo Shoots are $499

My policy is only buy what you love, so I offer a range of products and packages to ensure you take home all the photos you love. On average, my clients spend about $2,300 on photos and products.

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