Mini Session FAQ

What are you purchasing with a boudoir mini sessions from Chrissy Rose Photography?

A 30-minute photo shoot in the boudoir style.  We will have time for 3 outfit and setting changes (within each location).  Also included in your photo shoot is the pre-shoot consultation, wardrobe advice, expert coaching and direction, professional retouching, in-person private reveal session and 2 5x7inch prints of your choice.

What is a setting change?

Different settings or backdrops to offer variety and inspire even more authentic photos.  In every location we will use a bedroom scene, romantic furniture, bright window light.  

How does Chrissy capture all that in just 30 minutes?

Chrissy has been photographing women for 10 years and understands immediately how to direct and coach her subjects to ensure she draws out of them exactly what she needs.  

How many photos can I expect to see?

Chrissy is confident that even in just 30 minutes she will be able to provide a selection of 50+ final exceptional photos of you.

What are the prices for prints, products and packages?

As a mini session customer, you will enjoy 35% off Chrissy’s regular rates.   Regular rates: Packages range from $1300 to $3500 Prints start at $79 Albums start at $1300 Digitals are available for purchase for the entire session as well. Again you will enjoy special rates as a mini session customer.

What should I bring to wear? What is the recommended wardrobe?

Chrissy will review this more with you during your consultation call, but in general she will recommend lingerie, lace body suits, garter set if you’d like.  Panty and bra ensembles of your choice, Kimonos, men’s oversized button down shirt. You’ll definitely want to bring sexy heels and beautiful accessories. Even props are welcome!

Is hair and makeup included?

Hair and makeup is not included with mini sessions, but you can add it to your mini session for an additional $150 paid directly to Chrissy’s make up artist.  Otherwise you can make your own arrangements for hair and makeup. If you’d like to add the hair and makeup services just let Chrissy know and she will book that appointment for you.  It will take place 1 hour before your scheduled photo shoot time slot.

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

Mini session rates are non-refundable.  In the event you must cancel your mini session and no alternative time slot is available, your mini session payment will be held as a credit toward a future mini session or regular photo shoot for 12 months.  

If you cannot make your originally booked date and time, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.  Notification of a time/date change must be made at least 24 hours in advance. No shows are cancellation attempts made within 24 hours and as a no show you forfeit your photo shoot and any future credits.  

Will my photos be used for marketing purposes by Chrissy?

Not without your written permission.  The photos that Chrissy uses for marketing and promotions for Chrissy Rose Photography have been approved by the client or are with a hired model for that specific purpose.  While Chrissy loves to cheer on her clients and share with the world the amazingly beautiful photos she captures, she respects your privacy. You will have an opportunity to approve or decline the use of any photos after you get to see the photos during your reveal session.  Sometimes clients will approve 1 - 10 photos that are more discreet and less recognizable, while other times a client is so proud of her empowering photos that she will give full permission for usage. It is up to the you ALWAYS.

Why do I have to have an in-person meeting to see my photos?

First of all Chrissy loves seeing her clients again!  So that is one reason. The other is that by showing you your photos in person, we can make sure your photos are kept private and discreet.  Chrissy has heard too many horror stories about website, proofing galleries and the like being hacked. Could you imagine? Chrissy does not ever want that to happen to her clients.  This subject matter is intimate…. let’s keep it between us...and whoever YOU choose to share it with.

What if I don’t think a mini session is enough time?

Chrissy would be happy to book you for a full session.  If while Chrissy is offering her traveling mini sessions, a full session can be booked only over the days predesignated for photo shoots. If in Wisconsin, the dates are flexible.  By booking a full session, you will be booking the entire day because a full session with Chrissy is unlimited: time, wardrobe changes and settings.  Also it includes hair and makeup. The rate for a full session is $499. If you book a full session instead of the mini session as a result of your inquiry, Chrissy is happy to still honor the 35% special rates for prints, products and packages.