What is personal branding?

Personal branding photography provides you with the engaging content to convert your audience to customers. It takes a variety of engaging content to be successful — from the big picture to the little details. Visual content (photos) tell your brand story and hook your audience giving your written message the opportunity to guide them toward becoming a customer.

Personal branding photos are perfect for creatives, entrepreneurs and independent brand builders. Really it is for any business leader with a vision to grow and thrive. Especially those that are ready for an organized and meaningful presence on the web and social media.


Don’t I just need a headshot?

I’ll bet your business goals include making money. I’ll also wager that your marketing goals include converting your audience into customers. The demands on business owners today include distributing engaging content via websites, blogs, enewsletters and social media. A headshot alone won’t cut it. A traditional headshot won’t communicate your message. An outdate headshot…well that might just make your brand irrelevant.

Where do I begin?

It is an important process. The good news is you do not have to do it alone. I help you through it. We start with planning everything from what you want to communicate and who is your audience. Then we build out a shot sheet. We will plan every detail: your wardrobe, setting and your props and tools to include in the photos. We’ll talk about where to use the photos and what written message will go along with each one

When do I see my photos?

Within a couple days of your shoot, you will have an opportunity to see your professionally retouched photos and stand in awe of your how much content you actually have and all the ways you can use these new photos to engage your audience. You choose what to purchase. Only buy what you love! I offer digital negative bundles so you can assemble a collection of photos that will work for you.

Absolutely! They are part of your story. Including more people offers an opportunity to create even more engaging photos. Including staff members will allow more behind the scenes content to show your audience how your brand operates and stands out from other businesses.

Can I include my staff?

Every business owner has a storefront — some are just not brick and mortor. So let’s dive into what your storefront looks like outside the traditional idea and see how we can create an atmosphere in your photos that communicates how and what you do.

What if I don’t have a storefront to feature in my photos?

Don’t worry. It sounds more complex than it really is. You probably have an ideal costumer in mind. You probably know what you want to communicate to that ideal customer. We’ll start there and build on that to identify how to capture your personal brand in photos.

What if I don’t know how to describe my personal brand?